BankLink collects data from over 80 Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions and Rural Suppliers and sends to us secure electronic copies of your statements via the Internet

At no time are we able to operate your account.  You will still receive your regular paper copies of statements.

We then send to you each month a coding report which only requires you to complete some 4 account codes.  As time goes along we will memorise those regular transactions that are periodical by amount or description, or for instance, fuel which comes from all over but can be identified by the fuel company names which come up on the statement.

This coding can either be provided by fax, mail or email using a simple program called BNotes which integrates seamlessly with BankLink.  Your time required is between 10 & 15 minutes a month compared to endless hours of head scratching and computer cursing.

The benefits to you of BankLink include;

  • Your accounts are processed faster, more efficiently
  • You have essential, up-to-date information for business decisions
  • You receive easy-to-understand monthly management reports
  • You spend much less time on compliance issues, freeing you to work on worthwhile business development projects
  • Your GST information will be prepared effectively with no extra effort

    All major banks and financial institutions are supplied by BankLink.

    So it’s a simple, cost effective and accurate system for completing Business Activity Statements (BAS), and using the data flows from the BAS to the financial statements and income tax returns.  Bottom line – it is bookkeeping made easy.