Cash Flow Manager has been designed for the small business owner that needs to control and manage cash flow in a simple and effective manner.

Cash Flow Manager is an Excel spreadsheet designed to accurately forecast cash inflows and outflows weekly over a 12-week period and will allow you to know exactly what you must do to keep your bank balance positive and make the best use of available funds.

Key benefits of Cash Flow Manager are that it’s easy to use and maintain, automated update each week with no need to copy and paste, input areas are colour coded, highlighting comments within the sheets give directions, and no macros to load or become corrupted.

  • It automatically calculates your GST and even produces a report that you use to lodge your Business Activity Statement online. This is a huge time saver.


  • When you set up your business you can align it to the software that your accountant uses.This means they can do their reports easily saving you money and your accountant’s time.


  • It has videos that you can access from the software to help guide you through any of the different sections as well as a comprehensive user guide.


  • The software is particularly suited to small service based businesses


  • You can tailor the columns to suit your individual business. This means that you can just have the accounts that are needed for your business.