Most accounting software packages come with a Payroll menu or module so it’s easy to keep track of employees pays, taxes and superannuation requirements.

There are also many stand alone Payroll modules that can be used.

Whichever way you have your payroll integrated you must be aware of the following considerations


  • The employment contract (You should have one for all employees)
  •  Implications of state and federal taxes (eg – what are the thresholds when PAYG with holding and State Payroll Tax start to become  payable)
  • Award coverage including modern awards (Have an up to date copy of the awards on hand if you employ award based employees)
  • Problem areas and common misconceptions (eg what deductions can and/or must be taken out of employees after tax income. How to handle a garneshee by the ATO for employees Child Support, etc)
  • Key tax aspects of payroll (eg – Employee termination payments, Tax on termination payments, Fringe benefits tax, Superannuation, Workers compensation payment)

Our firm also gives sound advice on these matters.