Quickbooks is designed to handle all the accounting needs for a small business.

You enter your customer, supplier, and inventory information once, and from then on paying bills, invoicing customers, processing payments, and tracking inventory is a breeze.Everything is automatically connected in terms of accounting..

The enhanced versions of Quickbooks allow multiple people to access and maintain your files.

Quickbooks comes with a lot of reporting options built-in, making it easy to

– check inventory levels,

– see who owes you money,

– check customer orders,

– track supplier payments, etc

Income statements and balance sheet reports are just a click away, totally customizable by whatever time period you want to cover – monthly, quarterly, year to date, last two years, etc.

Comparison to prior years also can point out good and bad points – how much did spending on travel go up or down? how much did we spend on maintenance? why is our internet bill half of what is was last year?

Show sales graphs by customer or by product or by region.

Quickbooks does more than just basic accounting – when properly used, it can give you insight into your business, allowing you to make changes and improvements in how you operate, earn and spend, and more.

Visit Quickbooks site: www.intuit.com.au/accounting-software/