Saasu is an easy and speedy online accounting software that gives you real time access to all of your business critical information. With Saasu you can import your bank statement data, you can reconcile payments and invoices, control your inventory, and much more… from anywhere with an internet connection!

Why should you use Saasu?

With Saasu your business gets; Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory,
Reports, Automated Billing & Expenses, Multi-currency, Bank Account Management,
Time Tracking, Light CRM, Point of Sale, TradeMe Connector,
Support and more.

Saasu is online which means you benefit from:• No hardware to purchase & maintain – you can cut costs


  • No updates to install – you are always using the latest version
  • Safe data – with some of the highest level of security available
  • Automatic backups – no concern of crashed or stolen computers

You can access your accounts from any computer with internet access or from mobile devices like the Apple iPhone

Getting started with Saasu.
You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started with Saasu , get started in as little as 20 minutes.